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Since 2005 our teams are walking the streets and making calls to New Zealand businesses every 121 days so you can focus on what you do best - communicate, market and sell. Commonsense, the ability to do basics well and innovative methodology of data gathering & maintenance are the essential ingredients of our success.
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whoiswhere™ pioneered the concept of complete B2B market capture and is set to deliver the most accurate B2B data in NZ. You too can profit from a B2B list ...

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Data maintenance is a daunting task. Fortunately our team is here to free your time and let you get on with your life and business. Find out how ....

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data is an important start

The fastest and most efficient form of communication is direct marketing. Our B2B lists will support your choice of direct mail, telemarketing or e-mail campaign.

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Learn more about the exciting world of Direct Marketing and how you can use simple yet effective DM methods in your business with guaranteed rewards....

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Off-line Marketing

there are MANY ways we can assist you

Unlike directories with a promise to attract, we provide lists, tools and services for proactive marketers.

  • Our group of companies can offer you a full advertising - marketing - sales package from strategy to successful execution. Our resources and approach are unparallel on the New Zealand market when it comes to B2B targeting.
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On-Line Marketing

is the same yet different from off-line marketing

There is a lot of confusion about e-mail marketing and like in many other areas of business it's about getting the basics right!

Client Testimonials

G.B., sales professional

On 29th June, 2009

You are fabulous, this is another example of how you save people time. I had my secretary go to the Yellow Pages to try to find all the business coaches, it took her days and she got 17, it took you a day to get hundreds and it's way better data.

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